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Memories (Haymitch/Maysilee AU) || The Proposal (Peeta/Katniss) || Blood (Peeta/Katniss) || And Then There Was a Volunteer || Loss of Innocence (Peeta/Katniss post-MJ-epi) || Hope (Gale/Madge THG AU) || The Plan (Peeta/Katniss) || Live On (Finnick/Annie post-MJ-pre-epi) || The Gift (THG AU) || Multiple (Peeta/Katniss MJ AU) || The Past Can Shape Us, But It’s Not Who We Are (Finnick's kid/Posy post-MJ-epi) || Unlock the Lock (Jo/Gale) || Tradition (Peeta/Katniss THG AU) || Sympathy (post-MJ-epi, post-TPCSUBINWWA) || 'Till They Come (Katniss/Gale MJ AU) || Monster in My Head (Katniss/Peeta MJ AU)

Dandelion: (Peeta/Katniss, Haymitch/Hazelle post-MJ-pre-epi)
Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four || Chapter Five || Chapter Six || Chapter Seven || Chapter Eight || Chapter Nine || Chapter Ten || Chapter Eleven || Chapter Twelve || Chapter Thirteen || Chapter Fourteen || Chapter Fifteen

Hunting Partners: (Gale/Katniss THG AU)
Chapter One || Chapter Two

The Troubled Pawn: (Peeta/Katniss THG from Peeta's POV)
Chapter One

Survival: (Finnick/Katniss/Peeta CF AU)
Chapter One || Chapter Two

Unlock the Lock

Title: Unlock the Lock
Pairings: Johanna/Gale, implied Katniss/Gale, implied Johanna/Finnick (one-sided)
Prompt: Laura Marling – “Ghosts”
Word Count: 636

Unlock the LockCollapse )
Title: The Past Can Shape Us, But It’s Not Who We Are
Pairing: Finnick's kid (Calder - OMC)/Posy, implied Johanna/Gale
Prompt: We bleed history.
Word Count: 1,529

The Past Can Shape Us, But It’s Not Who We AreCollapse )


Title: Multiple
POV: Peeta
Pairing: Peeta/Katniss
Prompt: Someone takes the nightlock pill
Type: MJ AU
Word Count: 403

MultipleCollapse )
Title: Hunting Partners - Chapter One: Volunteering
Pairing: Gale/Katniss
Prompt:grant my last request, and just let me hold you / don't shrug your shoulders, lay down beside me / sure I can accept that we're going nowhere / but one last time let's go there, lay down beside me
Type: Hunger Games AU
Word Count: 655

Hunting Partners - Chapter One: VolunteeringCollapse )

The Gift

Title: The Gift
Prompt: What if Peeta gave the bread to Gale?
Type: Hunger Games AU
Word Count: 1,197

The GiftCollapse )

Live On

Title: Live On
Pairing: Finnick/Annie
Prompt: a world where he lives (went slightly off-prompt)
Word Count: 181

Live OnCollapse )

The Plan

Title: The Plan
Prompt: Prim + Buttercup watching the Games (first book)
POV: Prim
Word Count: 421

The PlanCollapse )


Title: Hope
Pairing: Gale/Madge
Type: Hunger Games AU
Prompt: I never meant to kill you; they were selected for the Games
Word Count: 1,747

HopeCollapse )

Loss of Innocence

Title: Loss of Innocence
Prompt: Katniss and Peeta talk about their fallen tributes to their children
Warning: spoilers for MJ
Word Count: 879

Loss of InnocenceCollapse )

And Then There Was a Volunteer

Title: And Then There Was a Volunteer
POV: Prim
Book: Hunger Games
Word Count: 316

And Then There Was a VolunteerCollapse )